about Ade Adesina & Co Ltd

Who we are

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Ade Adesina & Co Limited is an ambitious innovating marketing executive consulting company that is attempting to improve ideas on various aspect of business success and opportunities such as business promotion and advertising, market research, broad business ideas and concepts, business developments and market awareness.

We pride ourselves in rendering practical advice on marketing strategy and implementation that make real positive impact on our client’s day to day activities.

We provide global marketing consulting services that will provide for our clients, a virtual business development and implement their strategic plan that will deliver business growth and profit to the stakeholders. Ade Adesina & Co Limited is specifically set up to recommend fresh approaches, techniques, and processes of a road-map to success via consultation.

What we do

We apply excellent customer service, build rapport and relationship with our clients, and provide business ideas to add value to our customers and provide opportunities for our customers to achieve their assigned goals and objectives.

We offer various kinds of marketing consulting services required by our clients to develop and maximize their profit. We work very hard to deliver a high quality of service to our customers through our experienced high calibre staffs that are capable of providing business solutions for a whole range of client needs.

We are expert in financial audit compliance. We offer various type of services depending on your financial engagement and ability to maximise your profit margin. Why cant you relax and let us apply our professional touches to give you the best outcome.

Our Behaviour: Openess

We are Open:

Our openess is all about our interaction with both customers and our self. Its all about sharing, being open about good news and transparency.

Our Behaviour: Ingeniousness

We are Ingenious:

Our being ingenious at Ade Adesina & Co is all about how we do things smarter: we have the courage to look at how things are done and challenge the status quo. We don’t just do things because they have always been done that way.

Our Behaviour: Effectiveness

We are Open:

Our effectiveness is about us delivering what we promised our customers. Having a can-do attitude, where we take problems, and rather than saying we can't do that, get on and do it. Being efficient is to do things well, being effective is to do the right things well.